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Elvie's Journal
My Journey with the Faeries
--Its HALLOWEEN --my favorite holiday :)
--It just got dark :)
--My outdoor pumpkin shaped lights and orange lights look wonderful.
--The pumpkin I carved earlier is sporting a fangy, silly grin and a Harry Potter scar :)
--I resisted eating all the candy thats for the trick-or-treaters. (That was hard!)
--Natural spicy simmering potpourri with cinnamon, anise & pumpkin pie spice.
--My husband is stopping off on his way home to pick up Italian Sausage Sandwiches.
--It didn't rain on Halloween this year.

I love it! Happy Halloween!

I am going to cross-post this to bits_of_bliss

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Theres a interesting Harry Potter poll over at kennahijja on what attracts you to Harry Potter. One of the reasons I gave was, "And its a world that in a way I think must be like "home." You know the place we may have all come from, and will go back to...I think that may be why we resonate with it. When I read or watch the movies, its like there is in a way something so familiar about it...the magick that is..." Well anyways, if you are a fan you can go over there and give your own reasons.

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1. What's your favorite candy: I have a sweet tooth, hard to pick a favorite...Reeses Peanut Butter cups.

2. What's the best scary movie? The Haunting of Hill House

3. Do you like to be alone at home? Most of the time its fine.

4. Pumpkin pie: eat it or throw it? Eat it! Yum! :)

5. The most distasteful Halloween costume you can think of: Can't think of any. I love Halloween costumes!


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Booking Through Thursday

Christine wants to know...

  1. Do you make notes in books as you read them? Not very often.

  2. Why or why not? Mostly I like to keep my books nice because I reread a lot of them.

  3. If you do, do you make notes only in certain kinds of books or all of them? The ones I have made notes in were research/study type books. Other than that, I really don't like to write in them.

Card of the Day: "Magic of Nature" from Healing with the Fairies. This is a pretty card. Has three Fairies flying above a field of gold & greens and lavender. The Fairies are holding what looks like a large bubble or orb aloft. Its telling me I need to go out and connect with Nature. But its such a cold, dreary day. Feels more like a day to curl up with a good book and tea rather than a day to be outdoors. But I will try to go outside for a few minutes sometime today.

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Follow-Up to Daily Draw 10-23-06 My card of the day for Monday was "Peace of Mind" from Healing with the Fairies. The day began pleasantly enough and I had thought that that was all there really was to it --I was to have a peaceful day and enjoy it. Later that afternoon, I found out why I really drew that card...and how easy it is to lose that peaceful feeling --even when I knew fairies were helping.

I ordered something that was sent out to me Oct. 15th in the mail. Because it had a tracking number I could watch how soon it would get to me. On the 18th, the package was in one of our larger postal faciities here in IL...yaay, I should have it real soon--its just being sorted for local delivery, I thought. I didn't want to miss this package so last week, I stayed home each day when I knew the mail would arrive. I was afraid to go out anywhere that I'd miss it. I kept following it online. Hmmm..should have been here. On the 23rd, the day I drew the card "Peace of Mind", I once again went online to see if there were updates where my package was because now I was getting concerned. According to the current update, they sent it to Springfield, MA and its "enroute." They sent it to MA instead of delivering it to me. It was right here in IL where it was supposed to be. Why did they send it to MA, What???????

Well, I felt so frustrated. Theres no way to tell them to redirect it back here where its supposed to be. I just kept seeing my package floating around out there. I was really aggravated. The peaceful feelings I experienced earlier in the day were lost. I snapped at my husband. I was cranky about everything cause now I have to keep waiting for the delivery all over again..and thats once it gets back here to IL. Then I remembered, I drew the Peace of Mind card for the day. The Fairies of Peace will help me. I'd like to be able to say that I connected to them (and I did try) and that all calmed down inside after that. But sadly, my efforts/intention didn't really succeed. I did try, but it wasn't a very good try.

I'm still waiting for the package. I'm hoping the Fairies haven't given up on me. I'm doing better trying to let peace prevail inside but its a struggle. I just want that package. But I keep reminding myself that the Fairies will help me and I need to let them.

Card of the Day for today: The Faun from the Faeries Oracle. This card depicts a energy which is abstract but reminds me of a deer. This card is about tuning into Nature. I have a small piece of Fairy Quartz that I haven't worked with yet. Today, I will carry the Fairy Quartz, remind myself to connect to Nature, and see what happens.
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I was awake at about 2AM and just sitting up in bed. This is what I saw peering out from my left. I call him Night Elf. It was only his face and he was about the size of a grapefruit.

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I just wanted to do a drawing of the Campanula flowers I wrote about in my previous post. I am so enjoying these..they make me smile every time I see them. They have a light and playful energy. I hope they last for awhile but I did the drawing now while they are still really fresh. If these will grow here, I'm definately gonna get some next spring and plant them. I'm so delighted my husband got these for me. I love them!

I did my Daily Draw card with the Healing with the Fairies oracle. Early this morning I drew Peace of Mind. It has really been a calm, peaceful day so far today. And I'm keeping peaceful thoughts and high energy. Happy to have the Fairies of Peace with me today :)

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I've been hanging around home and didn't realize it was Sweetest Day. My husband went out to the store to pick up a few things. He came back with a bouquet of gorgeous purple flowers that I'd never seen before. The label on them says "Campanella" and from looking on the Internet, I found out the common name for them is Bellflowers. They are absolutely gorgeous. I can see faeries just loving these flowers! They're bell shaped and big.

I searched for an exact photo of them. The ones he got me, the blooms are mostly solid dark purple. Some tho, have white with a dark purple edging on the top of the cup.

If you've never seen these flowers either, I found some nice pics at justgardeners.com
Mine look like the ones labeled Campanula medium on that page but in the purple colors I mentioned.

I would love to grow these here. I wonder if they'd grow well. These are fairy flowers for sure! He really surprised me. He doesn't normally get me anything for Sweetest Day. But he knows I've been studying flowers for a class I'm taking so he got me some pretty ones. :)

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I love to read. I'm currently reading Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix. I must have overdone it tho, I had a dream that I know was connected to that book. Those darn dementors...I had a dream that was about a dementor. sheesh!

I guess on the bright side, I should be glad that my subconscious has some new ways to get ideas across to me.

I found this book meme this morning:

From Booking Through Thursday

Reading in bed

1. Do you read in bed? For how long? Do you fall asleep reading? Will a good book keep you up all night?
I read in bed all the time. Its the coziest place to read. I can sit there for hours and read if its a book I'm totally engrossed in. Usually though its for like 30 min. to an hour at night and I fall start falling asleep. Its been a long time since I've stayed up all night with a book.

2. Where do you keep your nighttime reading? Do you have a special table next to the bed? Are there many books there? Do you keep books there that you aren't reading (finished or unread)?
I have some little stacks of books on small tables (both finished books and unfinished) and even some on the floor (those I'm done reading but still need and I have to figure out a handy place for them...I keep running out of room). The ones that I'm currently reading, I keep closest to the bed.

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From the Faeries Oracle, my card for today is:

The Piper

Oh I like The Piper! On the card he is playing pan pipes. This card is about listening...to music, to faint melodies only you can hear. This tells me that today will be about listening intently and not so much about talking. Or if there is talking, it needs to add to the harmony of the whole...the song of the Universe.

I don't have pan pipes but I do have a penny whistle :-) Maybe I'll pull it out today and play to The Piper. I'm looking forward to joining in with the Faeries and their music today. :)

Yesterday was The Lady of Harvest. I felt her with me all day as we released some old ways of doing things. We decided to make some changes to how we approach work and finances. Yes, she was definitely present yesterday. Knowing she was there made things go much smoother. I knew that what we were releasing will make room for something new.

I also saw her everywhere I looked. With Halloween approaching, The Lady of the Harvest is in her season. More and more pumpkins are appearing on doorsteps. The trees have turned beautiful shades of gold, red and orange as they withdraw their energies for their winter sleep. We too begin to turn inward now but first we'll enjoy the Harvest. The farm-stands and grocery stores are bursting with color and abundant fruits and vegetables of the season. I love the gourds and pumpkin pies. The Harvest is good. The Lady has done well.


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